Germany v Ghana

MESSI! 1-0 was a harsh result for Iran, who played Argentina to a near-draw and were robbed of a clear penalty. Both goalies were excellent, but one defender just isn’t enough to shut down Messi, whose 90th minute goal was the thing of beauty one expects to see from a truly elite international. A very good game, though, and probably the best the Iranians have ever played at the World Cup, their defeat of the USA a few Cups back notwithstanding.

Messi’s strike wasn’t even his most impressive move of the game. My favorite was when he took on three defenders and went through ALL THREE of them before being stymied by the fourth. He may not be at the absolute top of his form that he was when Barca was destroying everything in sight, but this is the best he’s ever been at the World Cup. Which is saying something, as only Batigol has scored more goals for Argentina.

I have to admit, though, I do kind of miss watching Unfrozen Caveman Striker.

I can’t imagine Germany having any trouble at all with Ghana, and I very much doubt I’ll even bother to watch Bosnia-Nigeria.