Shut up, McCreepy

Jim C. Hines, the weirdo who is really, really, really interested in “helping” women who have been raped, tries to take Larry Correia to task for suggesting that women should be armed and able to defend themselves against rapists:

There’s nothing new in LC’s rant. It’s the same attitude we’ve seen
for ages, an attitude that conveniently puts the burden on victims to
end rape, oversimplifies the problem, and allows the rest of us to look
away and pretend there isn’t a real or widespread problem here, despite
countless studies showing otherwise.

Some of you are aware of the current conversation in SF/F fandom
about several Big Names who sexually assaulted hundreds of children, and
how fandom stood by and let it happen, despite there being multiple
eyewitnesses to these assaults. Call me a naive idiot, but I wonder how
many children would have escaped those assaults if others in fandom had
intervened or reported them or enforced any kind of consequences,
anything to teach the perpetrators that this kind of behavior was

I wonder how many victims we’re continuing to turn our back on today
because we assume there’s no point in doing anything to intervene.

So, the guy who really, really, really likes to “help” women who have been raped is attacking the guy who actually helps prevent women from being raped. This raises certain questions about his motivations and is only one of the many reasons we know him as “McCreepy”. And here is McCreepy expressing his opinion of one of those Big Names who is known to have sexually assaulted several of those children:

“Great to see MZB’s Legacy Continue!”
– Jim C. Hines

Cheering on the legacy of a child molester isn’t exactly the most convincing way to help children avoid sexual assault. If deviancy apologists like Hines weren’t so busy celebrating sexual deviancy in SF/F, then perhaps some of those children might not have been abused by the sexual deviants in SF/F.