New update policy

Because some readers have complained about typos in outdated versions of various Castalia ebooks, we’re going to be tweeting every time we update an ebook with corrections and typo fixes.

We make corrections very rapidly, usually within a day or two of receiving a list of typos. For example, the current version of A THRONE OF BONES is 009. Since we come from the game industry, and since our focus is on electronic publishing, we have decided to take an iterative approach to editing. This allows us to publish books quickly, and to also ensure that they rapidly reach a state of minimal errors.

All books from all publishers have typos. That’s the reality. When we converted the EW books to ebooks, we discovered that the professionally edited, professionally line-edited manuscripts, from a major New York publisher, one of which had been through three print runs and two layouts, contained an average of 165 typos. The core problem is that each individual editor and proofreader has a tendency to see certain problems and not see other ones. For example, the maximum amount of overlap I’ve seen from two different proofreader lists is on the order of 20 percent. Now, we could delay publication by a month and expect to catch somewhere between 30 and 50 percent of the version 001 typos or we can do a run through Team OCD, publish it, and then catch 85 percent of them in the first three or four days after release with the assistance of the first readers.

And because we always publish ebooks first, this also permits us, unlike most publishers, to ensure that our hardcovers will be exceptionally clean.

Since it’s very easy to automatically receive the updated versions through Amazon, and it’s not much harder to get one directly from us, we think this approach is much preferable to the conventional one. If you have any better ideas, we’re certainly open to hearing your suggestions, but in the meantime, we will be transparent about when the updates are released. If you want to be apprised of them, please simply follow @castaliahouse on Twitter.

While I’m at it, I should mention that version 002 of John C. Wright’s excellent TRANSHUMAN AND SUBHUMAN is now the current version on Amazon.  And, having finished editing his forthcoming CITY BEYOND TIME , which is now in the hands of the proofreaders; I am hoping we will be able to release it this week.