The Return of Nations

The end of the Imperial Europe project is in sight as minor anti-EU parties grow into major parties, in some cases, the nation’s most popular party. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. And it looks as if there is a very good chance that Britain will be the first nation to leave the EU’s evil and anti-democratic empire:

Nigel Farage tonight hailed Ukip’s victory in the European elections as the most ‘extraordinary result in British politics for 100 years’. Support for Ukip has surged by more than 12 per cent, outstripping a more modest boost in votes for Labour, while the Lib Dems faced near-wipeout, with some calling for Nick Clegg to resign.

Mr Farage said he was ‘proud’ of the campaign which has seen him humiliate the Westminster parties, pushing Labour and the Tories into second and third.

As Ukip was triumphing in the UK, across the Channel France’s far-right National Front was on course for a massive victory in European elections tonight as the country swung behind its anti-immigration, anti-EU agenda.

Early estimates suggested the number of Eurosceptic MEPs in Brussels could double. In Denmark, the anti-immigration far-right People’s Party is on course to win with 23 per cent while in Hungary, the extreme-right Jobbik – accused of racism and anti-Semitism – was running second

Elsewhere, in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats were expected to secure victory with 36 per cent of the vote. In Greece, the poll was topped by the radical left anti-austerity Syriza movement, beating the governing New Democracy into second place.

In the UK, immigration dominated much of the campaign, with UKIP arguing proper border controls were not possible while in the EU.

Everywhere but Germany, which runs the EU to its liking, the political tide is flowing strongly against the EU. And the tide is only going to grow stronger, because the commissars of the EU have never listened to the people, which means eventually some sort of crisis is coming when the EU will be forced to choose between following its own rules or showing its true totalitarian face.

And the corrupt political leaders don’t have the power to impose their will on the people. Which is why the entire project has been built on lies, smoke, and mirrors.