The lethal economics of asthma

Medical malpractice is more dangerous to children in the UK than guns:

Asthma sufferers are dying needlessly because of failings by GPs and health services, a national review has found. The report, led by the Royal College of Physicians, found that two thirds of deaths from the condition — including almost all of those involving children — might have been prevented. Experts warned of “a tragic waste of life”.

The UK has one of the highest asthma death rates in the Western world — third only behind Estonia and Spain — and the number of fatalities is rising rapidly.

In 2012, 1,250 people died from asthma — a 10 per cent rise in three years. The review suggests more than 800 such deaths could have been avoided with the right care.

Considering that there were fewer than 100 gun deaths per year even prior to the UK’s ill-advised crackdown on gun ownership, the statistics suggest that the British would have done better to ban GPs than guns. It is evident that children in the UK are at least 100x more at risk from their doctor than they are from guns.