England wants independence

They didn’t fight wars with Napoleon and Adolf Hitler just to surrender to a bunch of third-rate eurofascists:

Nigel Farage accused Nick Clegg of “wilfully lying to the British people” and warned that the European project could end in bloodshed during the pair’s second debate on Wednesday night.

In a heated and confrontational televised debate the leader of the UK Independence Party warned that extremists would resort to “violence” unless the European Union “ends democratically”.

Early polls showed that Mr Farage won the debate comfortably, securing 68 per cent of public support in a YouGov poll and 69 per cent according to ICM.

Following the debate, Mr Farage said: “I’m very pleased with the result and surprised about how dishonest Nick Clegg’s argument was. I didn’t think I’d have to get personal, but he is trying to lie and deceive the British people and after 40 years we have had enough.

The British people have been lied to and deceived for 40 years. The Tories and Labourites and Lib Dems will be lucky to escape being tried for treason. Farage is doing very well to focus on the fundamental and intrinsic dishonesty of those who are trying to conquer the continent with nothing more than a currency and a web of lies.