The Israeli melting pot

I don’t see how the Israelis can expect anything but world condemnation for their insistence on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state in light of how an entire generation has been indoctrinated to believe that diversity is Israel’s strength:

Washington this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
sounded two different notes about peace negotiations with the
Palestinians, which are nearing a critical juncture. In a speech to the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobby, he
enthusiastically advocated a peace agreement as a means to improve
Israel’s ties with its Arab neighbors and “catapult the region forward”
on issues like health, energy and education.

But at
other moments, a more familiar skepticism was apparent. He demanded that
Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state with “no excuses, no
delays.” In response, a senior Palestinian official, Nabil Shaath,
accused Mr. Netanyahu of putting an end to peace talks because
Palestinians have already rejected that designation. (Palestinians
recognize Israel as a state, but not as a Jewish state because they
believe that that would undercut the rights of Palestinian refugees.)

on a Jewish state is clearly the very worst form of geopolitical
raciss. How could a Jewish state be any less raciss than insisting
America be recognized as a White Anglo-Saxon state? Or that England be
recognized as an English state? Or Nigeria be recognized as an Igbo

Israel’s choice is pretty simple. No White
European state, no Jewish state. If diversity is America’s strength,
then it is Israel’s strength too.