Wallpaper No. 2

In honor of the publication of QUANTUM MORTIS The Programmed Mind, JartStar has produced a wallpaper showing ATSV Draco approaching Bonoplane and the stricken Shiva-class cruiser in orbit around the planet. To download the full 1920×1080 picture, right click on the image and select “Save As”.

The initial reviews have been positive. Some selections:

  • Writing you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed The
    Programmed Mind
    …. The misdirection was excellent.  I read a good deal of sci-fi and a ton
    of mystery, and this is definitely among the top books I have read.
  • I thought I knew how it was going to end, and was pleased to find out I
    was only 50 percent correct. Suffice it to say the twists were great.
    Highly recommend this as a precursor to MCID Chief Warrant Officer
    Graven Tower’s world.
  • Tight story telling. Interesting well thought-out characters… and a
    fascinating futuristic spy plot. The book fleshes out the Quantum
    Mortis world even more, and sets the stage for what appears to be a
    galaxy-sized war.
  • This book differs in subgenre from the other two
    installments currently making up the QM series; there is less explosive
    action and a bit of a Tom Clancy feel as other reviewers have noted,
    where the character and personalities of individual characters have a
    direct effect on the events that unfold. I enjoyed it more than the
    other two for that reason, though I recommend reading the entire Quantum
    Mortis series.

Also, I think this guy Tom might have written a book or something. Some people seem to think it’s all right….