Suckering the liberty-minded

After eight years of attacking libertarians more furiously than anyone in the Democratic Party, the Republican Party is trying to play them for suckers:

Liberty Republicans. They are the young, more libertarian-minded, grassroots supporters that used to be identified chiefly by their favorite Republican presidential candidate, former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

Now, as the Republican National Committee tries to repair relationships and increase outreach to all political groups, they are doing their best to entice more libertarian Republicans into the fold.

Some of these supporters were turned off by what was described as the “railroading” of Ron Paul supporters by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus during the 2012 convention in Tampa.

But the RNC wants to appear welcoming to the libertarian element in their party, which more established members of the party once derided as “Paultards” after they disrupted events in favor of their candidate.

Remember, the Republican Party elite have successfully been playing social conservatives for suckers since 1980. Now, after twice seeing their “electable” RINOs prove that they were anything but, they’re trying to make nice and pretend that they aren’t the Big Government “conservatives” that they have shown themselves to be since the first Bush ’43 administration.

Don’t buy it. Republicans are nothing but Democrats with a pseudo-conservative PR department.