2013 VPFL Champions

79 Greenfield Grizzlies
42 Fromundah Cheezheads

The Greenfield Grizzlies are your 2013 VPFL champion. It’s been a banner year for the White Buffalo, as he also defeated me in our other fantasy league, 77-57 AND won his picks league at work as well. This will make him absolutely insufferable for the next nine months.

Thanks for playing, everyone, and the very small silver lining in the gargantuan cloud that is the Greenfield championship is that thanks to one of the permanent players winning the league, there will be six open spots next year instead of the usual five. I will post a call for volunteer players about a month before the season starts; as always, new players will be given the priority.

As for the NFL, here is to hoping that Leslie Frazier heads back to coordinating defenses and Bill Musgrave is doing something besides calling successive off-tackle plays for Adrian Peterson.