Rights roundup

No More Backing Down

Have you noticed something has changed recently in the way the
political Right now responds to public criticism and personal attacks?
It used to be that when faced with charges of racism, bigotry, or even
being insufficiently polite to the Left, right wingers who found
themselves in the media cross hairs fell all over themselves
apologizing, denying their previous statements, and rejecting their
previously held beliefs.

Not that this cowardly behavior often saved their jobs or their
reputations, and yet one public figure after another persisted in
responding to criticism by cringing and assuming the fetal position.

Not anymore.

Shots in the Culture War

There could hardly be two men more different in appearance than Phil
Robertson and Ethan Krupp. Phil is a bearded Louisiana backwoodsman, a
self-made millionaire, a former collegiate quarterback talented enough
to keep Terry Bradshaw on the bench, and an outspoken Christian. Ethan
Krupp is a bespectacled Jewish man-boy, an Organizing For Action
political activist who stars as the effete, onesie-wearing, hot
chocolate-sipping douche in the latest Obama ad debacle.