Dogs are the best:

A blind man who nearly died after falling onto subway train tracks
will get to keep the loyal dog who tried to save him — thanks to New
Yorkers who whipped out their checkbooks to help the duo stay together. Cecil Williams, 61 — whose 11-year-old pooch, Orlando, leaped onto
the tracks after his master fainted on Tuesday — said the lovable lab
will retire as a seeing-eye dog and become a pet with the help of
donation money.

Williams fell on to the tracks after he grew faint and lost footing
on the platform of the 125th Street station at 9:30 am on Wednesday.
Orlando jumped onto the tracks after him and began licking his face. A quick-thinking subway conductor then hit brakes of the train, which passed over both of them. Transit officials pulled Orlando out from under the train and
Williams was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital while wearing a neck brace.

I tend to doubt my viszla would have had the courage to leap on the tracks in a similar situation. His usual method of confronting other dogs that represented a potential threat was to run behind me, peek out around one leg and growl. But if curling up in a blanket in front of a roaring fire would have saved me, he’d have been all over it.