Multiculturalism is isolationism

Roissy brings the atomized wedges to our attention:

i was on transit today and it seems like white people are getting less and less common. just disappearing. transit is like a microcosm of multiculturalism. dead eyed somalians sitting awkwardly next to old chinese ladies. nothing in common. acknowledging each other as mere objects. no sign of life. riding by ugly buildings with grey skies above.

That reminds me of the last time I was in London. There was not a single white person on the train that evening, as I was the only individual of even partial English descent. No one was speaking, everyone was simply sitting there in stolid silence, tolerating the presence of the others with no sense of community whatsoever.

This is to be celebrated?  I don’t think so. This is indefinitely sustainable? I doubt it. I very much doubt it.

Don’t forget, post-racialists, your ideal outcome is ME. You dream of a world where various races are all blended together so you can’t even tell what someone is by looking at them?  Then look at a picture of me. I am that future. I am that nightmare you cannot guilt or browbeat into submission by crying raciss because racial identity and racial guilt mean absolutely nothing to me.