The real gender gap

From AEI: The chart above shows the huge college degree gap by gender for the class of 2013. Based on Department of Education estimates, women will earn a disproportionate share of college degrees at every level of higher education this year, and overall, women in the class of 2013 will earn 140 college degrees at all levels for every 100 men. Over the next decade, the gender disparity for college degrees is expected to increase, so that by 2022, women will earn 148 college degrees for every 100 degrees earned by men, with especially huge gender imbalances for associate’s degrees (162 women for every 100 men) and master’s degrees (162 women for every 100 men).

It’s actually likely to be considerably worse than projected. Associates and Masters degrees are already hitting the 60/40 female-male ratio that college admissions officers have observed tends to accelerate the process of men declining to attend colleges.  The media, with its myopic focus on the female imperative, generally reports this “dangerous ground” as being a problem due to the inability of women to be happy with the amount of male attention they are receiving, but the real problem is that most men simply don’t want to be in a predominantly female environment even if it theoretically improves their chances with women.

The class of 2022 estimate assumes that the rate of change will slow, but rom 1960 to 2013, the undergraduate gender ratio increased by 1.3 women per 100 men per year, as the ratio went from 77 per 100 to 145. However, if the admissions officers are correct and young men respond to imbalanced college sex ratios en masse the way they have to individual schools and the rate of change increases by 50 percent, the class of 2022 can be expected to look more like this.

Associate’s: 179
Bachelor’s: 150
Master’s: 168
Doctor’s: 127
All Degrees: 159

If this comes to pass, we can safely expect the New York Times to be lamenting the fact that fewer women are receiving PhDs compared to the number of women graduating from college, and Jezebel publishing one angry diatribe after another about the emergence of superplayers establishing open harems on campus.

And meanwhile, the college degree will become almost entirely irrelevant to employment anywhere but government and large corporations with female-run HR departments.