95 percent certain!

This is good.  We’ve now got it on record that modern science is 95 percent fiction:

In its latest and most comprehensive report on the state of the climate, the
IPCC cautioned that change since the mid-20th century has taken place at a
rate “unprecedented over decades to millennia”.

The panel said it was 95 per cent certain that mankind had been the “dominant
cause” of climate change since the 1950s and issued an urgent warning for
governments to act fast to avoid a 2C rise in temperatures above
pre-industrial levels before the end of this century.

Scientistry has staked its reputation on global warming. The next decade should suffice to put a stake all the way through it.  My advice is to get everyone you know who is an annoying science fetishist to put down their certain faith in science in writing.

We’ve already got PZ Myers on record. We’ve already got Richard Dawkins on record. Get every punk evolutionist and Feynman idolatrist and God Delusion-thumping atheist on record too.

And in a few years we’ll put their credibility as well as their scientistic faith on spikes in public when the obvious falsehood of it all can no longer be concealed or explained away.