Beyond Beezle

We’ve seen some differently sane anklebiters with a reasonably broad IQ spectrum throughout the years. Hunt, Pawn Takes Queen, Modernguy, Bearded Spock, G. Tingey, Tad the Syphilis-Addled Homosexual, The Greatest Pensman in All Carantanilla, Phoenician, and now Poxy.  But I doubt anyone is ever going to be able to claim the lunatic crown of John Galt, who after posting his long series of boasts, curses, and nonsensical challenges here was discovered to have also produced this masterpiece on Facebook.

I have something I probably should tell everybody. Most of my friends from before I started school already know this and I’ve been putting off discussing it for a long time to see if I could be comfortable without it, so I haven’t really made a point of telling anyone. So…I’m supposed to be a girl and I’m probably going to start dressing like a girl and taking hormones at some point in the future. I was already planning on doing this when I was younger (I actually used to go to work dressed as a girl), but I needed to see if I could be comfortable as a guy. But going back to school and being around people again has made it abundantly clear that I am most certainly not comfortable trying to be a guy. So hopefully that explains my personality a little better.

Actually, it tends to explain a lot. I’m not sure why this blog tends to attract crazy, emotionally incontinent, left-wing trolls; my operating theory is that they are the only leftists without sufficient sense or self-awareness to realize that they don’t have much chance of walking out of here with any shreds of intellectual dignity to cloak their exposed arguments.

As for this Gallus, perhaps he’ll feel begin to feel more comfortable with himself after spending the next Day of Blood in auto-flagellation.