The left-wing internet checklist

Larry Correia wants to be sure none of our favorite anklebiters are missing any steps:


  1. Skim until Offended
  2. Disqualify that Opinion
  3. Attack, Attack, Attack
  4. Disregard Inconvenient facts
  5. Make Shit Up
  6. Resort to Moral Equivalency
  7. Concern Trolling
  8. When all else fails, Racism!

So let’s break this down so you know what to look for, and you can
have a good laugh as people who have zero substance, critical thinking
skills, or facts make fools of themselves!


This one is lots of fun. Liberals never want to argue ABOUT a topic.
They want to argue about why your opinion on that topic doesn’t count.
It doesn’t matter who or what you are, there is some reason that your
opinion doesn’t count, and it doesn’t have to make sense.

Say that you are a man who thinks abortion is murder, well your
opinion obviously doesn’t count because you’re a man! What if my wife
said that? Well, her opinion doesn’t count because she’s biased because
she has children. What if a childless woman said that? Well, her opinion
doesn’t count because she’s probably religious. What if she’s an
atheist libertarian who happens to believe that a fetus should be
considered a human being and thus receive the same rights and legal
protections as any other human being? Hurr… Derp… Don’t legislate my
vagina! War on women! Quick, switch to another item on the checklist!

There are several subcategories to this one, as it is the most common tactic on the checklist.

Race, sex, culture, economic status. Say you want to comment on any
social issue. Well your opinion doesn’t count because you’re not part of
that race or culture or economic group. Usually the liberal you are
arguing with isn’t part of that group either, but it doesn’t matter,
because white guilt liberals are automatically exempt, and their soft
racism allows them to feel good about themselves as they declare that
other groups are too stupid to survive without their benevolent

How dare you say that gangster rap thug culture of single mothers on
welfare isn’t the way to go! Your opinion doesn’t count because you
didn’t grow up there. And if you did grow up there, well you’re not “authentic” or one of my personal favorites I’ve seen thrown around Twitter against black conservatives “house negro” which totally isn’t racist if it is said by a smug liberal.

The problem with that is that most poo flinging monkeys are white
suburbanites, and when they try to disqualify you, and you stop them and
say “but I’m not white” which is a problem for them. Obviously this is
going to happen more and more as race is an artificial construct that
really only matters so liberals can make you check a box on an EEOC form
so they can continue to foist social programs on us. Since the poo
flingers freak out when their opponent isn’t white, liberals invented
the ultimate disqualifier of “privilege”.

Privilege is amazing. It is the new race card, because pick any topic
and regardless of what it is or who you are, a liberal can say your
opinion doesn’t’ count because you have privilege. What does that
actually mean? Hell if I know. It is such a nebulous term that surely
everybody has some form. It means whatever the liberal wants it to mean.
It is the new Neo-Con.

So you are against some dipshit welfare program because you’ve seen
first-hand how that culture of government dependence destroys the human
spirit, well obviously you are privileged so your opinion doesn’t count.
So wait, even if I was born into a family with dark skin and super
crazy poor, and worked my way out of it rather than becoming a crack
whore, I’m now too privileged to have an opinion?

YES.  It doesn’t
matter if you were born in a 3rd world hell hole and were a
boat person refugee, if you disagree with liberal group think it can
only be because you have privilege.

In my experience, disqualification is the primary left-wing argumentative tactic; that’s why my Mensa qualifications drive the left so crazy.  It’s also why the mere fact of mentioning my racial heritage sends them into spirals of mindless denial. Without being able to disqualify me as stupid, white, or irrelevant, (they seldom even bother with this one anymore thanks to you all outnumbering most of their readerships), most of them quite literally have no recourse except to go immediately to accusing me of being crazy.

Or, as in the case of our new blog shadow, “delusional”.

On what basis?  Apparently on the basis of they can’t think of any other auto-disqualifying attributes. I’ve actually come to appreciate those who skip the preceding disqualification steps and go right to the crazy card. But they never stop to think why they are so desperate to disqualify their interlocutors or to consider what that desperation says about their ability to actual present their own arguments or criticize the arguments they oppose.