No, don’t go

Breaking up with Facebook is harder than breaking up with a real live individual:

According to journalist Sarah Kessler from FastCompany, leaving Facebook can be a long-winded and difficult process. After struggling to find the Delete Account option, which she eventually found by searching Google, she was met with photos of a selection of her Facebook friends with an automated message about how much they’d miss her if she left.

She was then asked to tell Facebook the reasons why she was leaving, which she said was due to privacy concerns, before Facebook tried to persuade her to stay by explaining more about how the site handles private data.

Facebook warned her that by deleting her account she’d lose all of her photos and posts, before trying to convince her to stay by telling her she could deactivate her account for as long as she liked, and then just login to reactivate.

By deactivating, everything on her profile would stay where it is but would become hidden in case she wanted to return to the site.

I wonder how long it will take before Facebook starts actively stalking people?  I never log into my account there and it was constantly pleading at me to pay it attention until I finally spammed its email.