Mailvox: The oppression of St. Scalzi

Cronolink asks: “Can you hear how much he doesn’t care about you?” It appears John Scalzi has reverted back to trying to pretend he’s enjoying all the “attention” from those of us who openly express our contempt for the creepy little man:

I enjoy the fact that every single thing I do sends my Frank Grimeses into spinny paroxysms of foaming, impotent rage. They can’t not do it! And, well. If they spend that much time thinking about me, then that’s what they both want and deserve, I suppose….

I suspect I will go on a dudebro taunting moratorium pretty soon, as my book deadline inches closer and I have fewer brain cycles to waste on frivolities. I’m pretty sure on their side they will continue their foaminess, however. In at least one case, it’s pretty much all the dude has going on in his life, and it would be sad for him to be entirely bereft of an occupation, such as it is….

There’s a reason I tend not to single out any in particular, or if I do, use their name. Nothing annoys their attention-mongering little hearts more than not getting the recognition for their efforts, from Google or anyone else.

I should note in any event that the number is relatively small; in the main, it’s the same three or four dudes with websites all enjoying the smell of each other’s farts, as it were. Occasionally a new person will pop up. These new dudes appear to be trying to currying favor with one of my regular detractors, which really is no way to get through life.

Be that as it may, at this point, these dudes don’t need encouragement from me. I could ignore them completely and they would still come after me, because they think they are in some sort of epic battle with me or something. They can’t not get worked up about me. That being the case, in a very real sense it doesn’t matter what I do. They are self – validating.

I don’t know. Maybe one day they will get bored. I won’t mind when that day comes. Until then, I don’t mind occasionally setting up a hoop and watching how excited they get to jump through it. It’s like watching squirrels in the yard: simple amusement featuring frantic animals.

Ah, so he enjoys it again?  And yet, I seem to recall how Johnny tried to pretend he was enjoying the sweet no-homo mancrush, until he couldn’t take it any longer and announced that he was done pretending to be nice?  Now he is suddenly attempting to change his message again because it’s not just me anymore, it’s me, and Heartiste, and Roosh, and John Ringo, and Mike Williamson, and Larry Correia, and those guys who keep turning out various photomemes featuring him.  And others.  There are most definitely others who don’t necessarily wish to openly express their contempt for the little creep, and some of them harbor even more of it than we do.

The most delusional statement is this: “Nothing annoys their attention-mongering little hearts more than not getting the recognition for their efforts.”

Scalzi claims to believe we are extremely annoyed by the fact that he won’t respond directly to anyone, but instead makes these passive-aggressive comments intended to allow him to simultaneously take shots while feigning to remain above it all.  This is pure psychological projection from the man who blatantly lied about his traffic and exaggerated it by no less than 46,000 per day.  I suspect he is also delusional about sending anyone into “foaming, impotent rage”. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not even angry about him campaigning to get me kicked out of SFWA. His unmerited Hugo Award for Best Novel can’t reasonably be blamed on him, it is merely the latest consequence of a problematic trend in SF/F that I recognized more than ten years ago.

Like most gamma males being mocked, Scalzi can’t bear to be laughed at. He would rather pretend that he has made his socio-sexual superiors angry, because that puts him on what he imagines is a superior moral plane.  But the truth is that we’re all just laughing at the little weirdo.

The readily confirmable fact is that I get more pageviews than he does, while Heartiste and Roosh both get more pageviews than I do.  John Ringo and Larry Correia sell considerably more books than Scalzi does. None of us care in the least about getting any “recognition” from him, still less do we wish for the obese female shoggoths that read his blog to infest ours. We just happen to dislike rabbits, despise their incessant lies, and enjoy continuing to puncture the delusions and the self-serving propaganda of the chief gamma rabbit.

He’s right.  He could ignore us completely and people will still come after him. But not because anyone thinks they are in an epic battle with him, or because anyone wishes to curry favor with me. Some of those mocking him have no idea who I am and others could care less. The only thing they all have in common is the fact that they find Scalzi both contemptible and eminently tauntable.  And that won’t ever stop so long as John Scalzi insists upon his public posture as St. Scalzi, the Self-Appointed Conscience of Science Fiction.

For one whose motto is “taunting the tauntable”, Scalzi spends a remarkable amount of time whining about people being mean to him.  He’s got SFWA to himself now. He’s got his long-sought award cum validation.  He’s got his lawn. And yet, here he is, crying in public again because someone isn’t patting him on the head and telling him he’s a good boy.

UPDATE: Johnny keeps spinning and spinning, and confusing his readers in the process:

I guarantee you these assbags would be heartily offended at the assertion that I was punching down at them…. Again, the comparison is not about what is real but how these dudes perceive me. From their point of view, they do a lot of screaming about how the emperor has not clothes. The problem for them is that the rest of the world apparently likes their emperors nude. And it drives them nuts.

As noted earlier, the Homer Simpson analogy does not actually conform to reality, merely what they’re trying to assert.

Whatever Wabbit: “Thanks for clarifying, again, that point. I am not the skilled in the interpretation or references at play here, so it was good that you were able to explain what was really going with the analogy.

No, not offended. Amused. Those who are higher in the socio-sexual hierarchy aren’t offended when gammas try to pretend they are higher in their own little social sub-hierarchy to which we don’t belong at all.

It is typically disingenuous for John “my 50,000 daily blog readers” Scalzi to talk  about what is real versus perception when what we perceive is the fact that he has more like 4,000 daily blog readers.  And it no more drives me nuts that many  people like mediocre science fiction ripped off from previously popular science fiction novels and television shows than it bothers me that some people like to listen to Britney Spears.  That is precisely what I expect.  The lowest common denominator appeals to the most people by definition.