How “gay marriage” harms you

Remember when we were all assured that homogamy was about expanding human rights, not denying them?  Yeah, so it turns out that was a lie.

A Gresham bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, prompting a state investigation, shut its doors. On Sunday, KGW stopped by Sweet Cakes by Melissa and found the bakery
completely empty. All counter tops, display cases and decorations were
gone. Hanging in the window was a sign from the Oregon Family Council that read “Religious freedom is under attack in Gresham.”

So, we now know that in addition to being bad for marriage – in Britain a woman will soon no longer legally become a “wife” while in France women can no longer become “mothers” – we know that homogamy is bad for jobs and the economy. This is precisely why free association – or as its opponents call it, discrimination – is a Constitutional right.

It is a sign of considerable societal decline that such a fundamental human right is no longer recognized in the USA.

UPDATE: This isn’t a theoretical matter.  It is a dangerous anti-civilizational abuse of human rights quite literally sweeping the Western USA:

A commercial photography business owned by opponents of same-sex
marriage violated New Mexico’s anti-discrimination law by refusing to
take pictures of a gay couple’s commitment ceremony, the state’s highest
court ruled unanimously Thursday. Elaine Huguenin, who owns Elane Photography with her
husband and is the business’s principal photographer, refused to
photograph the ceremony because it violated her religious beliefs.

The court held that “a commercial photography
business that offers its services to the public, thereby increasing its
visibility to potential clients” is bound by the New Mexico Human Rights
Act “and must serve same-sex couples on the same basis that it serves
opposite-sex couples.”

“Therefore, when Elane Photography refused to
photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony,” the court concluded, the
photographer “violated the NMHRA in the same way as if it had refused to
photograph a wedding between people of different races.”

This should make it clear that “anti-discrimination” laws are the foundation of human rights abuses.  They serve as justifiation for involuntary government-imposed servitude.