Facebook, free speech, and the FBI

Yes, American, you are now officially living in a police state possessed of an all-seeing eye the likes of which even the Soviets and East Germans never managed to achieve:

man says that within hours of making an impassioned post on Facebook,
he was being interrogated by police and the FBI. Blaine Cooper, 33,
contacted policestateusa.com with a concerning story about how his
sentiments posted on Facebook had drawn the attention of the federal
government.  He showed me the comment and told me that within 24-hours
of posting it, he was being contacted by the police and FBI.

colorful comment was in reference to what he believes is an “American
Police State,” in which the power of the federal government is growing
in a direction which may one day lead people to fight back.

who is training to be a wild land fire fighter, said that on August 23,
he was contacted by Officer Jason Kuafman of the Prescott Valley Police
Department and was told that he needed to come to the police station
for an interview with the FBI.

He complied with the
request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes with federal agents
present.  He was released after apparently being determined to not be a

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made
in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information, and parent’s
information,” Cooper told policestateusa.com.

sometimes feel as if I should take requests from the federal agents
charged with monitoring this blog.  I mean, if I knew the usual guy was a
Jets fan or particularly into Asian women, I’d feel obliged to
occasionally surf through a few Jets sites or hit up Hot Asian Babes
every now and then. While I’m obviously opposed to the universal spying
system and I think it is the very definition of the sort of fragile
system that predictably ends in chaos and tears, the actual individuals
are basically the Internet equivalent of the late-night security guard.

is there to do?  Either go entirely dark or flood them with
information.  Those are your two options.  Nothing else is even remotely