Women and military discipline

As bad as this sounds, the reality is even worse:

I once asked a friend who is a retired Army command sergeant major how
they disciplined the women. He replied, “You can’t. If you try, they
charge you with sexual harassment.” I said, “Then how do you get them to
do what you need them to do?” He said, “We don’t. We just let them do
whatever they want.”

I have a friend who was forced out of the service only a few years before his scheduled retirement due to false sexual harassment charges.  The reason his female subordinate made up the charges had nothing to do with his relationship with her, she was just angry that he had disciplined one of her male friends for committing a crime.

Women in the military destroy more than unit cohesion, they destroy all military discipline across the board, from the top to the bottom.  It’s exactly the same as the difference between raising a generation of children in the traditional manner, and raising a generation using only single mothers. We already have a feral black underclass and an increasingly feral white one; in another two decades we will likely have an equally feral military.

This is precisely why I support an all-female U.S. military populated by a draft.  Anything less would be sexist and fail to account for more than 200 years of unmitigated male privilege.