Predictable consequences

It’s absolutely hilarious to see the mainstream media and government employees complaining about private citizens putting what they have learned from the IRS and the mortgage banks into action:

“It must be a mistake,” he said, when the loan officer told him that
someone had placed liens totaling more than $25 million on his house and
on other properties he owned.

But as Sheriff Stanek soon learned, the liens, legal claims on property
to secure the payment of a debt, were just the earliest salvos in a war
of paper, waged by a couple who had lost their home to foreclosure in
2009 — a tactic that, with the spread of an anti-government ideology
known as the “sovereign citizen” movement, is being employed more
frequently as a way to retaliate against perceived injustices.

Over the next three years, the couple, Thomas and Lisa Eilertson, filed
more than $250 billion in liens, demands for compensatory damages and
other claims against more than a dozen people, including the sheriff,
county attorneys, the Hennepin County registrar of titles and other
court officials.

“It affects your credit rating, it affected my wife, it affected my
children,” Sheriff Stanek said of the liens. “We spent countless hours
trying to undo it.”

Cases involving sovereign citizens are surfacing increasingly here in
Minnesota and in other states, posing a challenge to law enforcement
officers and court officials, who often become aware of the movement — a
loose network of groups and individuals who do not recognize the
authority of federal, state or municipal government — only when they
become targets. Although the filing of liens for outrageous sums or
other seemingly frivolous claims might appear laughable, dealing with
them can be nightmarish, so much so that the F.B.I. has labeled the
strategy “paper terrorism.” A lien can be filed by anyone under the
Uniform Commercial Code.

These liens, and many of the “frivolous” claims made by various private citizens are not necessarily fraudulent in the legal sense. There can be no question that they are no more fake than the millions of liens and foreclosures filed by mortgage banks that never held title to the properties they seized and no more illegal than the private MERS system that those banks tried to substitute for the historical county land records.

That is precisely why dealing with them can be so nightmarish; because they are as legal and legally enforceable as anything that the courts produce.  This is nothing but a natural consequence of the government declaring itself and its agents above the rule of law and then being surprised when the people follow its lead.

This is how a civilization falls, one step into barbaric chaos at a time.