Free Selenoth!

No, that’s not a call to revolution in Savondir and Amorr, just an announcement that A Magic Broken, The Wardog’s Coin, and The Last Witchking are all free downloads on Amazon today and tomorrow. If you haven’t read them yet, please don’t hesitate to download them and give them a whirl. And if you have already read them, but have not yet posted a review, I hope you’ll consider doing so today.  If you liked them so much that you would like to get all the Selenoth stories in a single volume, you can do so in the 450-page hardcover entitled Summa Elvetica and Other Stories.

In tangentially related news, the narrator of the audiobook for A Magic Broken has done an admirable job in ensuring that all of the pronunciations are correct as well as clearing up the occasional grammatical infelicity.  He has been a pleasure to work with and I expect that the audiobook should be finished and available before the end of September.