Burying the evidence: the SFWA Report

It appears the SFWA really doesn’t want the public to be able to learn why the SFWA Board “voted for the expulsion” from the organization of an unidentified member.

Kate Baker
Date: August 19, 2013, 3:52:59 PM CDT
Subject: DMCA Take-down Notice – Request

Requester: Kathryn Baker – Operations Manager SFWA
Organization: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
On Behalf of Copyright Holder: Matthew Johnson – Regional Director – SFWA

Work infringed – SFWA_report.pdf

Title: Evidence regarding the complaints made against Theodore Beale
Report to the Board of Directors of SFWA
Matthew Johnson
Canadian Region Director

Referring piece: This is an internal and private document written by Matthew Johnson. No one has been given permission to post,copy, edit the report/article in parts or in whole. We ask that you work in accordance with DMCA take-down procedures to remove the copyrighted piece from the link above.


Kathryn Baker, Operations Manager – SFWA

This is an astonishingly hypocritical move by SFWA, especially in light of how Matthew Johnson both broke the SFWA Forum rules and infringed my own copyright by copying my Forum posts, blog posts, and blog comments, and distributing them in his report without permission. But I suppose they had to decide what makes them look worse, this DMCA Take-down Notice-Request or the Board Report itself.

I’ve already arranged for access to the document titled “SFWA_report.pdf” to be removed from the ISP as I expect it is only a matter of time before the report becomes a matter of public record. I trust the irony of a writer’s organization fighting to prevent information from reaching the public does not escape the average reader here.

In the meantime, one can still get the gist of Mr. Johnson’s report by reading my formal reply to it: Response to SFWA Board Report. One can also read my detailed response to each section of the report below.