Anti-racism in action

NK Jemison on the dangers posed to vibrant Americans by Australians:

“My father was afraid for me to come to Australia. He mostly made jokes about it — “Good, you’ve got dredlocks, maybe
they won’t think you’re Chinese”, stuff like that. But I know my
father, and I know when the jokes have a serious undercurrent. Now,
mind you, I travel alone all the time, and I’m not always traveling to
places that are friendly to Americans, or women, or black people…. I say all this so you will understand the context of my father’s fear, when I told him I was going to Australia.”

The Associated Press on the dangers posed to Australians by vibrant Americans:

Two Oklahoma teens have been charged with first-degree murder in the
fatal shooting of an Australian baseball player, while a third player
has been named as an accessory. Christopher Lane was out for a
jog in an Oklahoma neighborhood when he was shot and killed by three
“bored” teenagers who decided to kill someone for fun, police said.

How many innocent people have to die, murdered by vibrant Americans, before the non-vibrant stop trying to convince themselves that race does not exist, that all human sub-species behave exactly the same, and that forced desegregation is of material benefit to society?

These murders and white-beatings by feral vibrants are not an accident.  They are anti-racism in action. This particular case also demonstrates how the Obama administration’s new vibrant dispersal plan is likely to have more negative consequences than most people think, as one Market Ticker commenter observes:

“Duncan, OK, according to Wiki, had a population of 22,505 as of the 2000
census, of which just 1.07% were black. So there were a grand total of
just over 225 blacks in the entire town, and here’s 3 of them just up
& shooting someone for kicks.” 

John Derbyshire was right.