End raciss, ban clowns

Apparently clowns are no longer permitted to mock certain sacred personages in the Land of the Formerly Free:

The fallout from a Missouri rodeo clown’s mockery of President Obama continued as the Missouri State Fair said it will force all clowns to undergo sensitivity training and the head of the state rodeo-clown organization resigned. The state fair commission voted Monday to ratify its decision to ban for life the clown in question who wore an Obama mask….

But the state commission went further Monday, saying it will require that before the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association can take part in any future state fair, “they must provide evidence to the director of the Missouri State Fair that they have proof that all officials and subcontractors of the MRCA have successfully participated in sensitivity training.”

When Robert Heinlein wrote of the Crazy Years, he little knew how right he would one day be.  The insane thing is that clowns are being sent to insensitivity training for fear of their antics stoking white racism, meanwhile, “juveniles and young adults” of some mysterious and unidentifiable race are beating the hell out of clueless white liberals in Ramsey County about 15 minutes from where I used to live.

The victim, Ray Widstrand, 26, of St. Paul, reportedly was in critical condition at Regions Hospital with potentially fatal brain swelling. Police found Widstrand lying on the ground, bleeding from his nose and mouth, his pants removed and shirt torn, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Ramsey County attorney’s office…. According to the complaint, Widstrand was attacked when he tried to walk through a group of 30 to 50 juveniles and young adults fighting near Payne and Minnehaha avenues in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood about 11:30 p.m. Sunday.

Providing every clown in the country with sensitivity training is not going to blind whites, Hispanics, and Asians to the fact that “juveniles and young adults” of some mysterious and unidentifiable race are attacking and killing whites all over the country because they hate them.  Desegregation is a complete and utter failure, and if legal segregation is not permitted, the historical solution of popular violence will be inevitable, with Hispanics leading the way.

I suspect the main reason it hasn’t started yet is that the only whites dumb enough to put themselves in a position to be harmed by these feral packs of vibrant juveniles and diverse young adults of the sort pictured above tend to either be homeless or come from liberal families.  There are millions of families in the USA whose response to a child being attacked and murdered would not be the feeble confusion expressed by Ray Widstrand’s father.

“I can’t imagine why someone would do this to another person.”

No, obviously he can’t.  And that’s precisely why his son is now lying half-dead at Regions Hospital. Every father should have the Derbyshire Talk with his children. It might be a lifesaver.