Respect their wishes

And buy your books somewhere else.  Considering how difficult the retail environment is supposed to be for booksellers, I can only conclude that the owners of McKay’s Books in Knoxville genuinely believe that gun owners don’t buy books.

I have blogged many times before of my love for McKay’s Books in Knoxville. I don’t know how much money I’ve left in there in the last decade, but it runs well into four figures, if not five. Many is the year when “books” may have been the single largest line-item expense in my personal budget except for…

…except for guns. And this sign seen on the front door today tells me that my money is not wanted there anymore.

With the new law in Tennessee, the same one that allows you to CCW into places that serve alcohol, these little signs at the door are no longer just a formality.

I would never enter a bookstore that banned concealed carry whether I was carrying or not.  And, I suspect, there are millions of Americans who feel precisely the same way.  I suspect that either the anti-gun sign comes down within a two weeks or McKay’s Books goes out of business within 18 months.

Carry laws and stand your ground laws are hugely popular, and only an ideologically blinded idiot would be dumb enough to alienate a statistically significant percentage of its customers, especially in a business that is known to be struggling and operating on narrow margins.