Homeschool or die, vol 567

No doubt this young white boy will need remedial education about the manifold blessings of vibrancy after experiencing these unprovoked interracial relations on the school bus:

Note that the bus drivers are not expected to intervene unless they feel it is safe for them to do so, which is when their intervention is unnecessary. And notice how not even the most abjectly submissive posture was sufficient to save the younger, smaller white boy from a beating at the hands of his fellow scholars who happened to be randomly inspired to violence for absolutely no reason that could possibly justify charging them with a hate crime.

Of course, the real lesson of Trayvon Martin is that the vibrant youth had better save their violent outbursts for gun-free zones like schools and school buses.  Because, thanks to the Internet punching through the veil of the mainstream media, there are millions of black and white and Hispanic gun owners who are more than ready for the zombie apocalypse. 

Oh, were you under the impression that the whole zombie meme was actually about zombies?

The sad thing is that if the bus driver had done what he should have done, which is to end the attack by following Rule #1, he would have been charged with a crime instead of being rewarded with a bounty.