Putin is unimpressed by US threats

Snowden is granted at least one year of Russian asylum:

The U.S. is “extremely disappointed” in the move by Russia to grant ‘temporary asylum’ to Edward Snowden, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters this morning. Carney appeared to add a threat, as the WSJ reports, he added that the Russian decision undermines law-enforcement cooperation between Moscow and Washington. Russia’s decision also threatens to derail a planned September summit in Moscow between Obama and Putin, as Carney advised “we are evaluating the utility of a summit in light of this.”

These are strange days indeed, when Americans are fleeing abroad and seeking political asylum.  Especially when they’re fleeing to Russia.  In not entirely unrelated news, the international business magazines are finally beginning to figure out that USG’s use of corporate America as NSA spy vehicles is not likely to enhance American Internet technology exports.