Attn ebook authors

If you are looking for a cover artist for your ebook, I highly recommend you get in touch with JartStar.  In addition to doing the covers for A Magic Broken, The Wardog’s Coin, and The Last Witchking, he recently produced the cover for Mr. Pritt’s forthcoming ebook, The Online Ramblings of a Foolish Sage, which can be seen to the left.

If you’re interested in checking out JartStar’s work, visit his online gallery.  I can testify that he puts in an incredible effort to make sure that the cover is one that is in line with the contents of the book, looks good at both full-size and Amazon resolutions, and is entirely satisfactory to the author.  At $250 per original cover, they are a real bargain, and as a member of the Dread Ilk, JartStar will give a discount to any fellow Ilk who happen to be publishing ebooks.