The defense isn’t resting

Blogging will likely be a little light today, since I’m in the process of putting together all the information I’ve gathered into a coherent response to the SFWA Board.  Anyhow, I also found these particular quotes to be interesting, considering the way in which the SFWA president has handled the complaint process in a manner not dissimilar to his previous approach to differing opinions.

Steven Gould ::: (view all by) ::: March 05, 2005, 12:15 PM:

Does this mean we can’t make fun of Vox Day (Or VD as I like to call him) for his distressing use irrational arguments?  Of course we can. It’s like finding one of those dishes of leftovers in the back of the refrigerator that is busy creating it’s own little ecosystem. You comment on it, you drop it in the trash, and you don’t swallow it. 

Steven Gould ::: (view all by) ::: March 05, 2005, 09:57 PM:

Vox Day  From

5. Slang. To cope with successfully; manage: couldn’t hack a second job.

Yeah, you can’t front on that, Laura.

What language is this guy speaking? Is he from this dimension?… Why are we wasting so much time on this guy? When they came up with the phrase ‘kneejerk’ reactionary, they were thinking of him. 

Steven Gould ::: (view all by) ::: March 06, 2005, 10:39 AM:

Vox Day: “I do find it more than a little ironic that the very people who entered the fray making personal attacks are such delicate flowers about enduring them in return. People disagree with me. Fine. People think it’s appropriate to attack me, and not my ideas. Also fine. But it seems a little much for people to expect to be able to do so without taking any return fire.”

Hmmmm. Listen to another series of overwritten, not-on-topic responses or wax the cat? Hear kitty, kitty….

As a person of color, I find it incredibly amusing that the painfully white Mr. Gould clearly did not understand the term
“you can’t front on that”.  In 2005.  And I find it tremendously hurtful that he would so insensitively imply that I am some sort of alien, presumably illegal.