CS award finalists

Speculative Faith announces the finalists for the 2013 Clive Staples Award:

We have finalists. In a tight race, with only percentage points separating first through ninth place (yes, we did need to revert to the tie-breaker second- and third-place choices), the top five books are moving on to the finals….

And now, your finalists, in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name:

Liberator by Bryan Davis
A Throne of Bones by Vox Day
Mortal by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee
Prophet by R. J. Larson
Starflower by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

But now, on to the important business at hand. It is time to vote for a winner. Please follow these rules.

* You MUST have read at least two of the nominations.
* You may vote ONLY ONCE for a first, a second, and a third choice.
* Your second choice and your third choice may not be the same as your first choice.
* Your vote for your second choice and your third choice may not be for the same book.
* You may mark the “none of these” option if you do not have a second or a third choice.
* Second and third choice options will only be considered in the case of a tie.

* Voting ends midnight Pacific time, July 28, 2013.


CLICK HERE TO VOTEIt is, of course, an honor to be nominated.  Frankly, considering the brouhaha that surrounded the establishment of Hinterlands, I’m astonished that the book is even eligible.