Meet Scott Lynch

The SFWA member, who is also, as it would appear, better known to us as our own Phoenician. This should make for an interesting addition to my response to the SFWA Board report, especially the bits about members harassing other members.  And here I was only planning to use the gentleman as an example of my very loose moderation policy.

Salt was going through the old Electrolite thread and happened to notice this familiar literary tic:

Scott Lynch ::: (view all by) ::: March 01, 2005, 03:36 PM:

So, even though there are thousands of men writing fantasy for publication as a first preference, only female fantasists are to be excoriated for fleeing from the Cold Hard Purity of Math and Science, huh?

What a dipshit.

Scott Lynch ::: (view all by) ::: March 07, 2005, 05:42 PM:
Hey, I looked up “disingenuous” in the dictionary just now and “truthfully calling Vox Day on an easily-researched point of fact that you’d have to be a complete dipshit to miss” isn’t offered as a definition… 

Over the eight years since, there are a considerable number of comments by “Phoenician in a Time of Romans” attacking me at Pharyngula, and then at then-SFWA President John Scalzi’s Whatever.

Phoenician in a time of Romans
March 12, 2013 at 6:03 am

Or, to put it another way, maybe you’re just plain wrong about not being infallible, Scalzi.

Phoenician in a time of Romans
February 5, 2013 at 5:00 pm

@YIH Deleted, as expected. My point being that it matters not whether you can personally handle reality, because there are indeed places where reality will handle you. Unpleasantly.

Have you considered, YIH, that the website of a failed wannabe sf writer who is universally derided may not be the best place to take advice on dealing with “reality”? I mean, as far as I know, the RHSD has no wife, no children, no actual career, and no accomplishments to speak of. Apart from over-puffed preening about how great he is, what does he have to offer?

I believe one of the first times “Phoenician” showed up here in his current persona was with this comment.

Phoenician February 04, 2013 4:16 PM
“I’m curious as to why you
seem to think I care whether there is money in the pocket of a rabbit
or a bureaucrat who works for a leftist organization.”
You mean apart from the fact that
you obsessively post about him and why you most certainly don’t like
him or never ever need his approval?

You sad, silly little fuck. Your
father really screwed you over for life, didn’t he?

So, after checking out Scott Lynch’s blog, I found his Twitter feed and found these tweets:

Scott Lynch ‏@scottlynch78 7 Jun
@matociquala @seananmcguire @scalzi I weep for the six or seven sales I’ve lost because dipshit assballs don’t like wimmins in novels.

Scott Lynch ‏@scottlynch78 13 Jun
@tobiasbuckell Cough, Toby. 500 of your fellow members of SFWA most emphatically did NOT vote for that fucking loser.

And the Board claims that I’ve been harassing SFWA members?  Well now, what an interesting and unexpected twist!  I also finally understand why “Phoenician” has been so desperate to try to score points against me for so long; he appears to be the writer I embarrassed back in 2005 by pointing out that the University of Minnesota professor he used as an example of female affinity for hard science was actually an English PhD teaching in the Women’s Studies department.