Mailvox: correcting Mr. Shetterly

Will Shetterly commented:

Now, do feel free to correct me on the following:

1. Y’all believe in alpha males. In my community, that’s machismo.

Y’all are right-libertarians, which means you’re rightwingers. I’m a
left-libertarian, which means I disagree with a lot of leftwingers, but
I’m still a leftwinger.

3. Y’all believe white people are
superior to black people thanks to the way you cherry-pick science.

1.  Belief in the existence of alpha males no more equates to “machismo” than belief in the existence of elves equates to “homosexual”.  One can believe in the existence of a socio-sexual alpha male without believing that one is such an alpha male; I am an example of this myself.  So are most of those who accept the theory of Game.

2. This is correct.  However, calling me a “rightwinger” tends to mislead a lot of people who think of rightwingers as Republican conservatives who favor big business, the war on drugs, and the death penalty.  None of which fits here.

3. No.  There is no “cherry-picking of science” here at all, instead, I simply accept the present state of science without any preconceptions either way. Genetic science as well as TENS absolutely dictate the inequality of ALL human population groups.  Not only is the species not intrinsically the same throughout, but what we recognize as human are not even all equally the same species.

Whether one regards one of these unequal human population groups as superior to another completely depends on the metric chosen.  None can be declared intrinsically superior to the others, in fact, any such statement would be literally nonsensical regardless of which population group was nominated.

David Duke may “have claimed to have scientific reasons for believing white folks were superior”.  I do not.  I merely claim to be reasonably well-read with regards to the present state of genetic science and that anyone who claims “white folks” are genetically equal to “non-white folks” is scientifically illiterate.