That “mythical” war on Christianity

As is so often the case, atheists whine about nonexistent persecution in the West while Christians are facing the real thing in the East and Middle East:

Horrific video shows Syrian Catholic priest being ‘beheaded by jihadist fighters in front of cheering crowd’. Father Francois Murad’s death was confirmed by Vatican news agency. Footage of 49-year-old’s gruesome death was filmed on a camera phone. The Syrian priest was killed last 23 June in Gassanieh, northern Syria.

This is bad enough, but it’s even more troubling that the Obama administration is actively supporting the Syrian jihadists and supplying them with weaponry.  If one simply looks at his actions, his comment about “my Muslim faith” looks less and less like a slip of the tongue, and more and more like an intentional thumbing of his nose at the American people.

Spare a thought for Father Francois Murad today, who showed courage unto death.  Keep that in mind the next time you are tempted to hold your tongue, or look the other way, for fear of what the world might think.