Teachers are substandard

I have previously calculated, on the basis of their SAT scores, that school teachers today have an average IQ of approximately 95.  And based on this email posted at Chaos Manor, it is clear that education majors have been the absolute dregs of academia for quite some time now:

I worked my way through college. The university I attended generously
provided jobs to many students. One job I held was that of Computer
Operator on the IBM 360/70 in the university computer center.

After my first semester working in the computer center, I worked the
wake-up shift, 0600 – 0900. Many of the universities administrative
computational jobs came to me to run because things were quiet at that
time, and, thus, the demands on the CPU were less.

The university faculty senate had expressed some concerns about the
school’s reputation, or rather the lack of it. They wanted to know why
this was. So they compiled years of grades, punched them onto 80-column
cards, and toted those cards down to the computer center where they
spilled those data onto a tape. That took the better part of a day and
all that evening which meant they did not have time to run the
statistics on those data and print them out. Problem was that the
computer center had promised Dr R, the president of the faculty senate,
the report the following morning.

Charlie, my boss, left it to me on the morning shift to run the stats
and print out the results. As soon as I woke the Beast, I ran the job.
It printed out half a box of fanfold paper. I tore off the last page,
picked up the printout, and took it to the counter to look through it.

Of course, I knew what this was and what it meant. I scanned to the
math department. As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Fs, a few incompletes ― all the grades
in the table. The distribution was normal but the mean was shifted
slightly toward the lower end; that is, the department gave fewer As
than expected and more Fs than expected.  I scanned to the physics department. Much the same story as with the
math department but shifted even more toward the lower end.

I scanned to the department of education, and I said to myself, said
I, “Oh, the shit’s gonna hit the fan.” ED gave 80% As, 20% Bs, and
nothing below a B.

This report exploded like a bomb in the faculty senate. Dr R, the
president of the senate, made a motion his own self to sever the
Department of Education from the rest of the university and another that
admission to the School of Education would not give admission to the
rest of the university. The recriminations were many and bitter. I heard
that the President of the University called in the campus cops to
restore order and prevent the threatened assaults.

I ran this report when I was a sophomore. When I graduated, the war was still on. So if you are an education major and you think I have no respect for you . . . you’re right. I don’t. Moreover, I won’t.

This also serves as a fitting response to those who ask how a mother can homeschool without a degree in physics, math, or womyn’s studies.  The correct answer is: why do you think your children can be adequately educated by a collection of women with a sub-normal IQs whose only education is in what is quite literally the easiest possible course of collegiate study.