The epic flop of Windows 8

Karl Denninger suspects it is even worse than is being reported:

There is another interesting batch of numbers here as well in the desktop figures:
SunOS         0.01%
FreeBSD         0.04%
Windows 98    0.12%
ChromeOS/Linux    0.14%
BB Playbook    0.15%
WinXP/64         0.69%
Linux         4.09%
Windows 8    4.52%
Apple iPad    8.10%
Vista/Win2008    8.28%
MacOS         14.75%
WinXP         17.88%
Windows 7    41.25%

Note carefully those Windows 8 figures.  4.5%, or less than Vista?!  In addition note all the people still running XP — there are a hell of a lot of them!  In fact those desktop machines identifying themselves as Linux machines compares favorably with those running Windows 8!

I would say Microsoft has flopped the Win8 release in a big way — far worse than is being reported.

Worse than Vista?  Yowzers, that’s pathetic! Blogger doesn’t report in this kind of detail, but I do find it interesting to note that the Android percentage, at 12%, presently exceeds that of iPhone and iPad combined at 11%.