Blessings of the Diversity Gospel

This morning’s headlines from the UK:

Tensions on streets after slaughter of British soldier: War memorials defaced and mosque firebombed as EDL march on Westminster

  •     Bomber Command Memorial and Animals In War Memorial vandalised
  •     Police are unsure if attack was by Muslims or by far-right troublemakers
  •     1,000 EDL chant, sing and march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street
  •     Police keep them apart from Unite Against Fascism counter-protest
  •     Mosque fire-bombed in wake of Lee Rigby’s execution in Woolwich

This is all just gentle prelude, of course, but things do appear to be heating up as we slowly inch our way towards summer. When UKIP starts echoing the EDL, that should indicate a significant corner being turned.  As it stands, things are much more violent in Chicago but talking to various Brits gives one the sense of a powderkeg sitting in the midst of some flying sparks.