Mailvox: Vox’s First Law redux

Rufusdog is the latest to discover that I really and truly don’t give a damn what he happens to think:

Vox could be a strong voice for gun rights, but when he says things this
stupid he just comes off like a crazy person and loses credibility. He
dishonors those children and their families and damages his own
reputation in one crack pot post.

Vox is what he is.  Take him seriously or dismiss him as a crazy person, it makes no difference to him.  Nor does he care in the slightest for honoring “those children and their families”.

As for my reputation, well, one of the dangers of dismissing someone as a crackpot means that the individual so dismissed no longer has any fear of it.  If you happen to believe in the economic recovery of 2009, global warming, and the heroic teachers of Sandy Hook elementary school, that’s fine with me.  It doesn’t bother me any more than your belief in unicorns, evolution by natural selection, or human equality.

Vox’s First Law: Any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from insanity.