The scam collapses

It is becoming gradually clear, even to the True Believers in the Scientific Consensus, that the Global Warming Fairy isn’t arriving after all:

The Economist, which (despite a recent decline) remains probably the
best news magazine in the English language, now admits that (a) global
average temperature has been flat for 15 years even as CO2 levels have
been rising rapidly, (b) surface temperatures are at the lowest edge of
the range predicted by IPCC climate models, (c) on current trends, they
will soon fall clean outside and below the model predictions, (c)
estimates of climate sensitivity need revising downwards, and (d)
something, probably multiple things, is badly wrong with AGW climate

Something is badly wrong with AGW climate models?  You don’t say.  It won’t be long before they’ll be similarly admitting that there is something badly wrong with the TENS models… or at least, they would if such models even existed.

Talk of “global warming” and even “climate change” has become so sparse these days that I actually had to dust off the post label.