Adios ProFootballTalk

I used to like ProFootballTalk when it was actually about what happened around the NFL.  But I found myself reading it less and less often last season even though I was still actively following the NFL.  Now that it’s an advocacy site primarily concerned with what Tim Tebow SHOULD do, and what the NFL SHOULD do, and what team owners SHOULD do I can’t even stand reading it anymore.  It’s just one stupid left-liberal crusade after another; the final straw for me was the campaign to save Chris Kluwe’s job because he supports homogamy.  Followed, a few days later, by the continued campaign to change the Redskins name; a name that troubles no one, including the overwhelming number of American Indians, outside the media.

Now, I actually liked Kluwe.  But he was bad last year.  Very bad.  When the Vikings needed a big kick, he shanked it.  When they needed him to drop it inside the five, he booted it out of the end zone.  And the hypocrisy PFT showed in distinguishing how they covered Kluwe’s comments about homosexuals (isn’t it wonderful that he speaks out on such an important issue) compared to the way they covered Chris Culliver’s (the NFL should discipline him and the 49ers should consider cutting him), was simply outrageous.

So, besides Football Outsiders, what is the best NFL site to replace it on the sidebar?