It never stops being funny

The ominous thing is that we’re rapidly approaching the point where the Mussolinis and Hitlers of the world are starting to look downright attractive in comparison with the bankers and politicians who are presently ruling through deceit and financial predation.  When I was young, I couldn’t understand why people didn’t merely support, but practically worshipped such obviously flawed and terrible men.

Now, I think I’d be downright happy to vote for the first politician to run on a policy of sending killer drones after every single banker who has received a post-2007 bonus from a bank that received bailout money.  And I’m a freaking libertarian; imagine how those who support bombing Iraqi children because they hate us for our freedoms are going to react once they finally begin to grasp how badly they’ve been screwed over by the bankers.  The irony is that a banker-assassination policy would be entirely constitutional according to the current administration; it is very easy to prove that the bankers are much more serious enemies of the state than al Qaeda.  They’ve certainly done considerably more damage.

UPDATE: “Banks in Cyprus will
be shut on Tuesday and Wednesday pending a decision by parliament to
approve a levy on bank depositors, a government source told Reuters.”

UPDATE II: Zerohedge says the worst case scenario is 15.26 percent on deposits over 100k.  Assuming it passes at all now.