Rabbit Rules of Order

Larry Correia engages in a long dance with liberals and in the process illustrates why it is a mistake to pay attention to their inevitable and invariably one-sided appeals to etiquette:

Here, let me break this down for you.  Not just this thread, but any thread where you argue with liberals.

Liberal 1: Attack, ATTACK! Attack, attack, attack! ATTACK!
Liberal 2: ATTACK! ATTACK!
Conservative: Defend.
Liberal 1: So rude!
Liberal 2: Yes, very rude. 

Larry Correia I
do believe she started it, thought Brad was full of it, and then asked
for examples. Provided. She didn’t think there was any bias, and now
several of us are demonstrating that is incorrect.
Or are you just going to do another hit and run, like whatserface? If
you don’t know much about the target, ridicule and attack. Claim your
moral superiority and call it a day?

As for my rudeness, oh well. I guess that is what happens after years
of being called a racist, sexist, wymyn hating, child killer, corporate
shill of the military industrial complex. So put your big girl panties
on and deal with it. :)

Cenate Pruitt (p.s. anyone who nonironically uses the phrase “political correctness” needs to be sent to a reeducation camp.)

I’m going out on a limb and guessing he doesn’t realize the
last US president to put people in camps was liberal icon, FDR, but hey,

Remember, their entire game is not to prove that they are right. This is why they will blithely ignore the fact that you’ve conclusively proven their statements to be wrong and claim the irrelevance of the very point upon which they’d previously based their entire argument. It is to force you to back down and apologize, which, according to the Rabbit Rules of Order, means that you lost.

This is why, if you want to shut them up, all you have to do is a) force them to admit that they are wrong, or b) insist that they apologize for something.  They will usually vanish rather than do either, because, by the Rabbit Rules, either of those things is tantamount to losing.  Actually being wrong doesn’t matter because their is no objective reality; their concept of reality is entirely social and subjective.

And Larry, if you happen to see this, shoot me an email, please….