Trading Percy Harvin

Although I understand why AD doesn’t like it, I think the trade was a very smart move by the Vikings, and may prove to be an excellent one depending upon how they draft.  Harvin is a fantastic complementary player, but he can never be a player around whom one builds the offense and he needs a deep threat to create space for him to be most effective.

Given his lack of durability, and the fact that the Vikings actually had a better record (5-2) against more difficult opponents when he was out of the lineup than when he was playing, it was obvious that he wasn’t necessarily a vital part of the team. And since his attitude was negative and he wanted to leave anyhow, better to replace him now and get something for him than have one more year of him and watch him walk in free agency.

So, I like this trade much better than I liked the Randy Moss trade with Oakland. It’s probably a good trade for both clubs, although I doubt it will be enough to put Seattle over the top as some seem to think.  I have a lot less confidence in the Kaepernicks and Wilsons of the NFL than most; we’ve seen far too many “reinventing the quarterback” stories end with the backup QB taking the snaps.