Genotribes and superracism

Steve Sailer not only points to one of the fatal flaws of the evolutionary model but manages to lay the foundation for a new form of scientific super-racism:

Thus, there have been, last I checked, a couple of dozen different definitions of species put forward by biologists. Ernst Mayr proposed the simplest: interfertility defines a species. That’s something you can wrap your head around. But there are problems. What about species that reproduce asexually? Among sexually reproducing species, how can you tell whether or not two of the 400 different types of mussels are interfertile or not? As we know from pandas, captive breeding programs are tricky. And what about types of animals who are interfertile but seem worth differentiating, such as dog, wolves, and coyotes?

Indeed, it was while I was thinking about the Endangered Species Act and
the issues surrounding specieshood during the biodiversity debates of
the 1990s kicked off by Edward O. Wilson’s campaign to save the
rainforests that led me to try to ground the study of human biodiversity
in something less woozy than the notion of race as subspecies. Instead,
I reasoned, something we know exists for every human is a
genetic family tree and a biological extended family. If we go back to
thinking about racial groups as extended families, one given a higher
degree of coherence and endurance by partial inbreeding, then we have a
stronger, broader concept that can be used in vastly more human
situations than in just trying to differentiate continental-scale racial
groups by skin color in the post-1492 world.

If I, as a confirmed scientific sub-speciesist, am considered to be a racist on the basis of my acceptance of the current state of biology, then what words can possibly suffice to properly condemn one who would divide humanity on even more substantive grounds than mere genetic science?

But what could we call these extended families with higher degrees of coherence and endurance by partial inbreeding?  One would be tempted to suggest the term “genotribes” were it not for the fact that we are reliably informed that tribalism is the root of all human evil.