A Hultgreen-Curie near miss

Frankly, I’m surprised the woman didn’t somehow manage to trip, fall, break her neck, and expire on the field during the tryout:

It was always a long shot that Lauren Silberman would wind up impressing an NFL team so much during a regional combine that they wound up signing her for a chance to compete to become their kicker this summer.  It’s a much longer shot after her day at the New York/New Jersey Regional Scouting Combine, held at Jets headquarters in New Jersey, ended early because of an injury. Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Silberman landed awkwardly after her first kickoff, which traveled just 16 yards, and then asked to see a trainer after a 14-yard kick on her second try.

To put those distances into perspective, Ender was kicking 20-yard field goals when he was eight years old. Video of this epic and historic kick, which marks a major step forward in the long march towards Fempire, is below.