Inflation vs Deflation II

Nate responds with his first post: The Trap Unsprung, Mostly:

It becomes readily apparently that Vox has decided to very politely insult me.  Curious.. Cruelty artists are not often known for their subtlety.  Regardless… insult it is. That is what you call it when a skilled opponent opens up a chess match by going for a 3 move check mate.  The insinuation is you may fall for it.  Well thanks mate… Why didn’t ya just accuse me of licking the window of the short bus all the way to the Midvail Academy of the Mentally Challenged?

You may be wondering what all of this maneuvering is about.  If you’ve read Return of the Great Depression (and you should dammit) you know that Vox’s depressionist case is based on debt disappearing.   All is not totally lost for him if debt doesn’t count as money… but it complicates matters for him considerably.  If he can just show that debt is money and debt is disappearing… then he is in very good shape indeed.  If he can’t show debt is money… he can still make an effective case… it is just harder.

Ever the war gamer… Vox is trying to take the high ground.  He knows it doesn’t win him the battle… but this amounts to Getting There First with the Most.

Read the rest of it there.  He’s not wrong about my intentions although I was actually going for a 2-move checkmate that he didn’t spot.  I will post my response tomorrow; while this doesn’t require weekly posts; one per day is sufficient.  And to those who are wondering when we’re going to get past the money definitions to the central question, I will simply say “relax, enjoy the journey, and try to grasp the significance of what is being discussed on the way”.  We will definitely get to the more mundane aspects of the topic, but most of you should know enough to expect the unexpected by now.