Scientists are stupidshort-sighted

And biologists are the dumbest of the lot.  Seriously, given their constant yammering about how America so desperately needs “moar science edification”, it is abundantly clear that the sort of individuals who go into the life sciences don’t even understand the most simple basics of supply and demand.  Keep that in mind the next time you’re hearing someone wax eloquent about the supposed brilliance of Richard Dawkins or, for crying out loud, the Fowl Atheist, PZ Myers:

How seriously can you possibly take people who are dumb enough to spend more than seven years and go into serious student loan debt in order to have a less than one in five chance at getting a job doing what they’ve studied for?  And since the chart goes back to 1991, these scientific geniuses don’t even have the excuse of claiming that they had no way of knowing that there was no significant employment demand for their highly educated services.

If you ever wondered why the Pharyngulans seemed unusually bitter for a blog readership, even a heavily atheist one, the chart above explains why.  They put their faith in an education god, who proved to be a false and unreliable idol.

The fact of the matter is that America needs LESS science education.  I’ve pointed out that it is ridiculous to teach evolution to kids who can’t read and write properly, but it is even more absurd to give out PhDs to people who, despite nearly 20 years of formal schooling, remain entirely innocent of the concepts of supply and demand.