Mailvox: surviving in the coming chaos

DA seeks advice on the matter:

Dear Rabbit Hunter Extraordinaire,

I write to you seeking your help in how millennial young male should go about preparing for the future. To provide some context, I am a 20 year college sophomore. Additional not-insignificant details about me include black, upper middle class, Traditional Catholic, and if it helps, my college major is in computer engineering. ( I included this to get your opinion on the usefulness of my degree. I also add that I will leave college debt free.). Forgive me if I come across as attempting a snow-flaking/woe is me act, but my circumstances do leave me fairly isolated. To make matters worse, my political sentiments lean very heavily towards the far right( think Walter Williams) and I’d rather avoid getting caught in the crossfire between the “vibrant” cohorts.

I’ve been reading/lurking/commenting occasionally on your blog for the past three years and your writing has contributed greatly to my current understanding of economics and history. Though my knowledge of said topics is not nearly as comprehensive, it doesn’t require a genius to know that current times are bad and are going to get a whole lot worse.

Having said all that, what are your recommendations as to what I should do to hopefully survive the coming state of entropy? I understand that providing a definitive response to this may be difficult but anything at all would be very much appreciated.

Cue a few thousand little rabbit minds exploding.  Anyhow, being black, intelligent, aware, and intrinsically attractive to SWPL’s seeking token black acquaintaces to prove their SWPLness, DA potentially finds himself in an excellent position to not only survive, but thrive, in the increasingly difficult times ahead.  What looks like a serious disadvantage given the increasing polarity of the American racial divides could actually prove to be an opportunity for a young man of his abilities.

The greatest advantage will be to do as the rabbit people do, but in reverse; a sort of wolf in rabbit’s clothing.  By taking advantage of the SWPLs’ desperate desire to be seen as anti-racist, DA will be able to write his own ticket so long as he keeps his very incorrect ideology to himself.  At the same time, DA will have to realize that the days of whites pretending to be color-blind are over.  Only those SWPL who live in 98.9% white communities can still affect the pretense any longer, but the end of nominal color-blindness will make SWPLs even more desperate to seek absolution from him than they already are.  The more racial polarization, the more the left-liberal white class will be seeking to cling to their living, breathing, get-out-of-racism free cards.

I doubt it has escaped DA’s attention how certain whites fall all over themselves for the likes of Obama and RGIII.  It’s an advantage freely offered to any sufficiently well-spoken black man, so why not avail oneself of it?  The key to success here is to always exceed their secretly lowered expectations.  Being a former white sprinter who is now an American soccer player in Europe, this is something with which I am very familiar myself.  The less they expect, the better you tend to look.

The degree is potentially a good one, particularly as it came debt-free, but programming can be a career dead end and credentials mean little in the programming world.  DA should be careful to keep up on the latest fads and shoot for design and management opportunities as they present themselves.  But, at the same time, he should insist on keeping up with his programming, as the most valuable managers are those that genuinely understand the issues involved.  He should stay away from the false security and bureaucratic mediocrity of the large corporations and look for opportunities in small-to-medium size firms where he can take advantage of his ability to exceed expectations.

In terms of avoiding the crossfire from the vibrant cohorts, the best place to be is in the SWPL strongholds.  Being upper middle class, he’ll be more than welcome among them so long as he doesn’t burst their bubbles by betraying what he thinks of their ludicrous equalitarianism.